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Interested in a May two four trip to Deals Gap?

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Are you interested in a trip to Deals Gap? Approximately May 21-29th

Only if your are willing to put a deposit of $360 for the cabin .

please post below … again only if you are willing to put money behind your name.

So Far I have verbal commitments from:

1. Brian Ripley   PAID

2. Kevin Ripley

3. Makenzie Shattler

4. Grant Peckham   PAID

5. Mike Owen

6. Karim Karim PAID

7. Geoff Taylor PAID

8. Mike Kozak

9. Ramiro De Leon

10. Sam Ross

11. Dhaval Vashi  PAID



Charlie Mounce


Tony Blue


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Tony Blue made me a motorcycle whore

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Yes I am interested in a trip to Deals Gap 🤩

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Yes interested, will try go make sure I can get the time off work

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Paid and time-off booked.

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Deposit sent! Yeah baby

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Ok this trip is set.  We have booked a 3 bedroom cabin at Fontana Village. (Magnolia)  Arrive on May 22.  Depart on May 28.

Transportation down and back ... (Walkie talkies for each vehicle if more than one)

Possibly :Brian's hopefully New 2022 Ford F-250 Diesel Crew Cab  (seats 6) with enclosed aluminum trailer with Pitbull trailer restraints for 6 bikes

              Geoff's New Jeep Grand Cherokee  (seats 7) aluminum open trailer  Pitbull trailer restraints for 2

               Dhavals Ford Ranger  (seats 4) 


 Name                     Meal                                                       Pitbull Pins

Geoff Taylor              Pizza                                                        Yes

Karim Karim              Bacon Cheeseburgers (LOL)                       Yes

Dhaval Vashi            Lasagna Garlic Bread Caesar Salad              On order

Grant Peckham                                                                         Yes

Brian Ripley             Stir Fry                                                      Yes


          Ride Days                                         Restaurants    

 Cherohala skyway  to  (Tellico Plains)            Tellicafe or BBQ or ?? Lots of choices

 Foothills Parkway to (Pigeon Forge)              Golden Coral?

  Moonshiner to (Franklin NC)                        Cafe Rel

  US 129 The Tail of the Dragon                     Deals Gap motorcycle resort or Ride to Robbinsville for more variety

  one of the days open to explore or re-ride one of the above.

** Important to get out of country insurance ... ask Geoff


Items to bring (will update if I forgot something

Clothes for 7 days

Riding gear (Gloves Helmet Boots Suit)


Money for gas and souvenirs 

(Brian) will bring tool kit and tire change if needed

Bathing suit


Key for bike (spare if possible)

Chain Lube

Brian will bring bike stands

Visor cleaner / bike wash stuff

Walkie talkies for Trip down 

Sena Communicators with charger

Coat Hat Sunglasses

Sunscreen or bug repellant? ... (never really had problems with bugs)





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