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Hi All

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Hi everyone!

I’m Moheem. I own a 2015 R3 and am pretty new to the group! Had the chance to ride to Port Stanley with a few members last year and it was one of the best group rides i’ve experienced. 

Looking forward to the 2022 riding season and hope to join everyone for a lot more group rides this year!

I will be there (as a beginner) for the May 12 track day (it’s my first ever!).

Hope to see you all soon!

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That’s awesome buddy.  I remember my first track experience.   Nervous and excited.  Reach out if u have any questions or concerns.  Here to help.  

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Thanks Karim! Yes I am super nervous but also excited. Really hoping to boost my confidence in riding, especially leaning on the track!

I appreciate all the support! 😊

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Hey Everyone 

I have been part of OSR since day one - indirectly lol ..

Haven’t joined in on a ride in a long long time. 
Still ride and have a CBR600RR.  

Love motorcycles, am a jack of all trades master of nothing ,but like 4 wheeling, camping/cottaging, drinking beer too lol I know a ton about succulents and plants if anyone wants plant info ask away.. I also make soap and bath bombs and I do scroll sawing and laser cutting and make signs and various things. 
 This is starting to sound like a bad dating ad so I’ll leave it at that. 



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Welcome back to the new forum

Tony Blue made me a motorcycle whore





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