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Mixing tire brands and types

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Well, the Bridgestone s22 front, Pirelli SC1 DOT rear experiment worked at Calabogie, although with a minor bit of griping from the bike.  

Was running a front with 2 thousandish kms and a rear with very little kms.  Completely different level of tires from diff companies with diff operating parameters.  

The S22 front is a mainly street tire which holds its own on the track.  Competes with the likes of the Q3+.  Excellent grip and wide operating temps, with bit of a stiffer carcass (good for feedback/stability).


The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa (SC1 compound) is a DOT street legal tire that is 90% track 10% street with a narrower operating temp and very soft carcass.  As grippy as you can get in a street legal tire.  I felt vagueness with this tire.  Especially on a colder morning (12-15c).  

Why did i do this?  Cheapness, curiousity (could it actually work?).  

Result:  Calabogie is a track that offers incredible grip but chews up tires.  Very abrasive (we walked it in the eve after our track day).  The S22 held up very well.  No drama under hard braking.  The SC1 made me bit nervous.  Had a bit of a highside moment under acceleration few times under not ideal conditions.  

Would not do it again but it did work for me. Need to keep on top of tire pressures for each and wearing patterns.  

I am a fan of the newer Bridgestones (Rs10/11 S22) for a double duty tire that can handle fast yellow group pace.  Will move forward with these tires.

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Great input … thanks for sharing 

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